SL Tax & Stamping Fee – Payment Information (SLIP Only)

Please Note: The following procedures do not apply to taxes and fees due on 2016 business.

On the first business day following the end of each calendar quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31), two separate invoices, one for the surplus lines tax and one for the stamping fee, will be available in the SLIP system for review and payment. Filers will also receive a billing report in SLIP that contains the transactions included in the tax and stamping fee invoices.

 Taxes and stamping fees are due within 30 days of the invoice date. Separate payments must be issued for the surplus lines tax and stamping fee invoices.

Payment for the NC surplus lines tax must be paid by check only at this time and mailed directly to the NCDOI at the following address. No FedEx or UPS. Must be mailed – No exceptions.

  • Surplus Lines Tax – Check Payments:
    Please make the check for surplus lines taxes payable to the North Carolina State DOI.

    North Carolina State DOI

    P.O. Box 744167
    Atlanta, GA  30374-4167

Payment for the surplus lines stamping fees may be paid to the NC Surplus Lines Association by ACH or by check mailed directly to the NCSLA stamping office.

  • Stamping Fee – ACH Payments:
    For ACH payment the SLIP administrator will need to enter their bank information in the SLIP system on the payment screen for surplus lines stamping fees. This information will then be transmitted to PNC bank who will then debit the stamping fees from the agency’s account. If you need the NCSLA’s PNC customer ID # to allow for this debit transaction, please send a request to contact
  • Stamping Fee – Check Payments:
    Please make the check for stamping fees payable to the North Carolina Surplus Lines Association.

    North Carolina Surplus Lines Association
    8412 Falls of Neuse, Suite 206
    Raleigh, NC  27615

Also, please note that all questions regarding the SLIP filing system should be directed to the North Carolina Surplus Lines Association, not the NC Department of Insurance.

Please send all inquiries to

We also suggests that you refer to our website for additional information on the SLIP filing system and for processing filings.

The best references are the SLIP Tutorials and the stamping office Q&A located under the stamping office tab.